Tracey Latza, PsyD

 Tracey Latza, Psy.D., has been practicing as a doctor of Child Clinical Psychology for over a decade.  She received her Psy.D.  in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Latza uses an integrative approach to treatment.  This includes cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior modification, systems therapy, object relations therapy, play therapy and sand tray therapy.  Her goal is to understand each individual child within the context of his/her family and school environment.  Dr. Latza values parental participation, and views successful treatment as a collaboration between herself, the child, and the family.  She has extensive experience working with youth with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders, including Asperger’s Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorders.  She provides individual therapy, parent education, and group social skills training to individuals with these diagnoses. She also provides relaxation training including Biofeedback technology. Another area of interest for Dr. Latza, is the treatment of Reactive Attachment Disorders and ADHD.  She strives to develop healthy coping strategies for both children and their families, and to develop new skills which will allow her patients to thrive and experience the benefits of healthy emotional living. Dr. Latza works with children as young as age 3 years through early adulthood. Outside of the office, Dr. Latza enjoys family time with her husband and children, as well as being in the outdoors. 

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